The Problem with Vehicle Payments and the Interest You Pay

Andrew JohnsonResources2 Comments

Have you ever actually done the math on the vehicle payments you are making for the term you are paying? What about that deal for 0% interest? News flash, 0% interest is not real. You can always pay less than the sticker price for a vehicle if you have cash to pay for it.

In this video we go over the problem with vehicle payments and some potential solutions to implement in order to get out of the cycle of needing the banks in order to finance your vehicles.

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2 Comments on “The Problem with Vehicle Payments and the Interest You Pay”

  1. Hi There,

    Is there a chance you may do a video showing the vault strategy vs payments vs cash? I saw your cash vs payments video and it was illuminating. It would be great to see how this works with the vault. I always find this IBC stuff a little confusing due to it being a completely different way of thinking.

    Thank you.

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