The Problem with Mortgage Interest

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Have you done the math? Have you looked at the amortization schedule? This is the problem with mortgages that nobody is talking about. The banks love the fact that mortgage interest is compound interest, in reverse, and in their favour. They also love that you are giving them money based on THEIR schedule so that they know exactly how much money they can make off of you during your term.

Why not take back control of your money, pay less interest, and get out of debt quicker by using another type of mortgage? We use the ManulifeONE mortgage as a tool to enable us to do this. We also use the Manulife ONE mortgage to unify our debt which enables us to get out of debt quicker.

If you’d like to know how you can use a Manulife One to get out of debt quicker, go to their mortgage calculator and put in your numbers. You’ll get to the same results screen that I did in this video and you’ll see how much faster you could have your house paid off.

Here is the mortgage calculator

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