Cashflow Explained

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What is Cashflow? Basically Money InMoney Out 

How much you earn determines how much you spend. 

How do we determine where the money goes? We have obligations, needs & wants. Do you know how much you need to meet these expenses? 

What about Debt? What type of debt do you have? How much debt do you have? Is it good debt? (borrow to invest and earn an income) Or is it bad debt? (borrow to consume or to spend on stuff that depreciates in value or wears out) Who is helping you best manage your debt? (Who do you go to for advice on the proper use of debt? 

Why do you spend the way you do? What is the motivator? Are you an impulse spender? Do you have a budget? Or do you have a spending plan? 

Do you know the difference between Working Cash Flow and Active Cash Flow? 

Who do you go to for help to regain control over your cashflow? I would like to suggest that it’s not the current institutions who are currently in control of it. Who would that be? Canada Revenue Agency, Banks, Insurance Companies, Wayfair, Amazon, Credit Card Companies, Walmart, Best Buy, EBay? 

You can earn more money. You can spend less money. You can keep more of what you earn. You can save your money. 

Every dollar you spend should be a conscious decision. Credit cards and debit cards make this hard to achieve. Listen up. You will learn something today that you may not have heard before. 

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  1. Thanks for the continued podcast 🙂 keep at it.

    In today’s times, is leveraging a good thing? I suppose it depends on what we think the economy is doing

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