We work with profitable business owners who struggle to take home enough income. We help them structure their finances so they can legitimately pay less taxes and interest and make their business even more successful.
Allan Johnson

Allan Johnson

Since 1983 Allan has been studying the secrets of cash flow and more recently developing a strategy for creating multiple sources of income which has led him to discover what he believes could be “The Perfect Investment”. This constant search for valuable knowledge continually prepares him for the experiences and wisdom he shares with his clients on their journey in the pursuit of Health, Wealth, Happiness and Prosperity.

In 2019, Allan began to focus his attention solely on Life Insurance and working with individuals and business owners to get out of debt faster, pay less taxes, and use custom strategies to keep more of their money; the proper life insurance, tax strategies, and other financials tools can be combined to help you do that.

Allan is the co-host of the Mind Wealth Podcast and the lead trainer in our True Wealth Workshop.

Allan Johnson

Anthony Johnson

Anthony has a unique perspective on finances because of his other successful business in custom welding and fabiration. He's worked with many industry leaders across many industrial sectors in order to bring a perspective to finances that other business owners would not consider.

Anthony has been trained in the Becoming Your Own Banker strategy and has an intimate knowledge of using it (and many other strategies) to get out of debt quicker, pay less taxes, and create a business that is successful.

Anthony is the co-host of the Mind Wealth Podcast and a trainer in our True Wealth Workshop.

Allan Johnson

Andrew Johnson

Andrew has been in business since 2007 creating websites and doing marketing for a HUGE array of businesses across almost any sector you can imagine. His knowledge of the ins and outs of so many businesses allows him to have a powerful perspective on how a business can improve and custom strategies that can be put in place to get much better financial results.

Andrew's background in teaching enables him to train our clients in the best way to use the financial tools we can give them access to in order to make them as effective as possible.

Andrew is the co-host of the Mind Wealth Podcast and is the creator and trainer in our True Wealth Workshop.

We recorded an entire podcast episode to tell a bit more about Andrew's story and we've embedded it below.